Beverly Hills:

Barakat Gallery


California Museum of Ancient Art

  Not actually a museum, but a "museum" in storage, supposedly raising money for a museum site. Contains some Egyptian objects.


Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology


Los Angeles:

Los Angeles County Museum of Art


J. Paul Getty Museum

  No permanent exhibition of the Collection?

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

  Contains at least some cat mummies.

Archaeological Research Collection (University of Southern California)


Nevada City:

Lands of the Bible Museum


Pacific Palisades:

The Getty Villa

1 on display The mummy of Herakleides from the Roman period ca. 150 A.D. is on display.

Palo Alto:

The Cantor Arts Centrum (Stanford University Museum)


 Penn Valley:

The Museum of Ancient and Modern Art: (Wildwood Business Center)


San Bernardino:

Robert V. Fullerton Museum (California State University)

900 (200 on display)

San Diego:

San Diego Museum of Man


San Diego Museum of Art


San Francisco:

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Legion of Honor


M. H. De Young Memorial Museum


Global Museum (S an Francisco State University)

+ 700 (175 on display) The Sutro Egyptian Collection consists of approximately 700 artifacts from ancient Egypt, spanning 5000 years, from Pre-Dynastic times through the Graeco-Roman period. Typical articles of everyday life, such as jewelry, pots headrests, and gaming pieces are represented, along with the superb, triple-nesting mummy set of Nes-Per-N-Nub, model boats, scarabs, figurines and many other unusual artifacts.

San Josť:

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum


Santa Ana:

Bowers Museum of Cultural Art

  Contains some small Egyptian objects.

Santa Barbara:

Museum of Art



The Haggin Museum



Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology

  Collection contains allabaster jars, cooking pots, juglets, everyday ware, table ware, pitcher, bowls, tablets, storage jars, a wooden mummy mask and scarab seals.



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