Glenbow Museum

? on display Pectoral cartonnage of a mummy and other items.


Confederation Centre of the Arts

2 not on display Two "carvings".


Chatham-Kent Cultural Centre

11 on display? mummy / hawk mummy / crocodile mummies / shabti / bronze Osiris and some other things


Art and Artefact Collection University of Alberta (Ethnography Collection)

3? Ptolemaic coffin with mummy

W.G. Hardy Collection of Ancient Near Eastern and Classical Antiquities (University of Alberta)

2? Basalt statue of Osiris, NK shabti.


Canadian Museum of Civilisation

64 Paleolithic flints, small bas-reliefs, mummy masks and a falcon mummy.


Dalhousie Art Gallery

10 4 reapers, 4 strings of beads, 1 amulet, 1 piece of mummy cloth.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

2 not on display? Block statue of a scribe and a shabti (possibly a fake)


Agnes Etherington Art Centre

27 Flint tools, early dynastic stone vessels, aglas flask, acup and a textile fragment.


Laurier University - Palm Collection


There should be items on display in the Student's Lounge in the Registrar's building.


Benares Historic House

1 A New Kingdom shabti


Redpath Museum McGill University


Galerie de l'UQUAM

5 not on display Collection contains 2 stone Ptolemaic lions, a sarcophagus and a mummy from the Memphite region.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

100+ LP coffin, limestone relief Nectanebo, 6th dyn wooden statue of a man, stone Horus falcon, carved hippo.

Musée des Hospitalières de l&rsquoHôtel-Dieu de Montréal

3 not on display? Two mummified heads and a foot of another one.

McGill Library (Rare Books and Special Collections)


5 papyri and fragments of others from Oxyrhynchus.

Niagara Falls:

Ripley&rsquos Believe It or Not Museum

  4 mummified cats, falcon mummy, mummy head and a shabti.


Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre

? shabtis / amulets / jewelry

Oil Springs:

Oil Museum of Canada

15 a.o. shabtis


Museum of Classical Antiquities

3 2 Late Period Papyry and one Roman.

National Gallery of Canada

1 A Fayum portrait.


Collection égyptienne du Séminaire de Québec (Laval University)


Musée de l'Amérique Française

56 MK coffin and mummy Wenenef, shabtis, mummy mask.


Mackenzie Art Gallery

25 Bronzes, scarabs.


La collection égyptienne du Séminaire de Saint-Hyacinthe

100 Shabtis, amulets, bronze figurines, Ptolomaic and Roman coins.

Saint John

New Brunswick Museum

200 200 range of items from lithics to amulets and scarabs, shabtis, figurines, bracelets and beads, bronze razor, vases, alabaster table


Museum of Antiquities (University of Saskatchewan)

130+ Shabtis, amulets, stela, coins.


Royal Ontario Museum

30.000+ (1.650 on display)

Bata Shoe Museum

31 Sandals + foot portion of a Ptolemaic mummy case.

Art Gallery of Ontario (The Thomson Collection)

22 A small granodiorite head and a large Bastet cat amongst other things.

St. Marks Coptic Museum

  Collection includes 34 ancient pieces: amulets / necklaces / Ptolemaic coins / Roman oil lamp


Vancouver Museum

235 Mummy, animal mummies, alabaster jars, amulets, shabtis, jewellery, scarabs.

UBC Museum of Anthropology

340 bracelets, necklaces, fayence amulets, scarabs, shabtis, bronze figurines, clay jars and vases


Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

4 2 bronze figurines, necklace, amulet

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

21 not on display Scarabs, amulets, shabti, small bronze Osiris.


The Manitoba Museum

85 scarabs, statues, figurines, necklaces

Anthropology Museum -The University of Winnipeg

  small teaching collection with Roman era oil lamps, shabtis, small amphorae, ceramic bowls, coin moulds.



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