Akhmin open-air Museum   Contains 1660 objects including Coptic and Islamic art. A black granite statue of Sesostris III is one of the most important pieces.


The Antiquities Museum (part of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina)

The Alexandria National Museum  
The Graeco-Roman Museum (should re-open in 201?)   This museum will be closed in 2006 and 2007!
Maritime Museum (Palace of Prince Yusuf Kamal) (planned)  
Underwater Museum (planning stages)  
Museum of the Faculty of Lettres of Alexandria  
Kom Al-Dikka open air museum (Roman Amphitheatre) 39 Roman Amphitheatre Museum.

Al-Arish (Sinai):

National Museum of Arish 1.700


National Museum (Alexan Pasha Palace) (planned)  


The Nubian Museum  
Elephantine Island Museum  
Philae Museum (under construction?)   This museum is under construction! It's to be built on the archaeological site of Philae Island. The planned museum costing EGP 20 million, will show a collection of artefacts dating from the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms, including a sculpture workshop showing the craft of stone-cutting, which will be the museum's showpiece!
Museum of the Swiss-German Excavation   In the garden : the upper half of a large stela erected by Seti II, a pillar with relief figures of Amenhotep II offering to the gods Khnum and Satet. Inside the museum the collection comprises several hundreds object of domestic and religious context. Among others : a pink granite statue of Thutmosis II, a headless statue of Ramesses II, a large stela of Sethnakht, private statuary of the Middle and New Kingdom, foundation deposits of the 6th dynasty from the Satet temple, a papyrus with a marriage contract (New Kingdom), pottery and stone jars, utensils and jewelley. Thanks to Dario Nannini.


Bahariya museum   Contains collection of 'golden' mummies.

Tell Basta (Bubastis):

Museum of Tell Basta (museum will be opened in 20??)   The museum will also house the former collection of the Sharkeya National Museum (Ahmed Orabi Museum).

 Beni Suef (Herakleopolis Magna):

Beni Suef Archaeological Museum   Contains 1660 objects including Coptic and Islamic art. A black granite statue of Sesostris III is one of the most important pieces.


The Egyptian Museum +140.000 (100.000 in future)
Children's Museum defunct
National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization (Fustat)   The National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization is now being built in Fustat, facing Old Cairo and the pyramids. Illustrating the entire scope of Egyptian history, this museum will also house the royal mummies. Like the Grand Museum, the Fustat Museum will display its artifacts according to themes such as the Nile, writing, crafts, trades, arts, agriculture, government, society, beliefs and folklore.
Sarm al-Sayh Museum: (Giza-Fayoum road) (under construction)   This museum is still under construction!
Heliopolis Open-Air Museum  
Textile Museum (Al-Nahhasin) (part of the “Sabil”)   The museum consists of different 250 pieces of textiles and 15 carpets from the Pharaonic era till Mohamed Ali Pasha era. The museum also contains drawings, paintings and scripts showing how textile products are made.
Museum of the Faculty of Archaeology (University of Cairo)   Contains a papyrus collection (collection Gradenwitz).
Agricultural Museum (Duqqi)   Contains a papyrus collection amongst other egyptian objects.
University of Aïn Shams (Center of Papyrology)   Contains a papyrus collection.
Egyptian Library   Contains a papyrus collection.
Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale (IFAO)   Contains a papyrus collection, amongst other objects.
Museum for Medicine (al-Sakalini Palace) (planned?)   This collection contains mainly ceramics and pottery.
Egyptian History Museum (Palace Said Halim) (planned?) ?
Cairo City Museum (al-Azhar parc) (planned?)   Will contain the monuments of Ramesses II and Merenptah from Matarya park.
The Postal Museum ?
Military Museum ? Army exhibits from the Old, Middle and New Kingdom.
Gayer-Anderson Museum  

Cairo Airport Museums

  Located in Terminal 3; contains 38 objects from different periods.

Cairo University Hospital


A number of mummies is held here, including remains of Old Kingdom kings.

Saffron Palace Educational Museum (University of Ain Shams)

? of 167 total

A total of 167 items is on display, an unknown number date to the pharaonic period from the excavations of the archaeological site of Arab el-Hosn. Also papyri from Greek and Roman periods.

 Tell el-Dabba:

Museum of Tell el-Dabba (planned)  


Furniture Museum (planned)  


Edfu Archaeological Museum (planned)  
Edfu open-air Museum  

El-Ashmunein (Hermopolis Magna):

El-Ashmunein open-air Museum  


Archaeological Museum of the Fayum (planned)  
Palais de la Culture Prehistoric Collection (planned)  


Solar Boat Museum (Cheops Boat Museum)  
The Grand Egyptian Museum (G.E.M.) (under construction; should open in 2015)  



Hurghada Museum  


Ismailia Museum 3.050 (1.000 on display) Collection of the Ptolemaeic Period.

Kafr El-Sheikh:

Kafr el-Sheikh Museum (under construction)  


Kharga Cultural Museum  

Kom Ombo:

Crocodile Museum   Contains 40 mummies of crocodiles and medical instruments are also on display.

Kom Ushim (Karanis):

Karanis Museum and Kiman Faris Open Air Museum  


Luxor Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art  
Mummification Museum  
Merenptah Temple Museum (West-Bank) closed
Karnak Open Air Museum  


Mallawi Museum of Antiquities  

Marina Al-Alamayn (El-Alamein):

Museum (planned) 500

Marsa Alam:

Marsa Alam Museum (planned)  

Marsa Matruh:

Matrouh Museum for Heritage 1.000


Aten Museum (under construction; should open in 201?)  

Mit Rahina (Memphis):

Mit Rahina open-air museum  


Collection de la Faculté de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie de l’Université de Munufiyya: (under construction)  

Mut (Dakhla Oasis):

Archaeological Museum: (planned)=?Ahmad Fakhri Desert Museum (planned)  

Port Said:

Military Museum   Contains objects related to Ancient Egyptian warfare.
The National Museum  


Predynastic Museum of Qina: (under construction)  


Al Qusayr Museum (planned)  

Al-Radisiyya (Idfu district):

Archaeological Museum (planned)  


National Museum  

San El-Hagar:

San el-Hagar Museum (planned)  


Imhotep Museum  
Nabil Darwish Museum   This collection contains mainly ceramics and pottery.

Sharm el-Sheikh:

Sharm el-Sheikh Museum (under construction, should open in 2013 or 2014)



Museum of the Faculty of Archaeology  

Sohag National Museum



Suez Museum

  Contains a papyrus collection.


Taba Museum

635 Contains a papyrus collection.


Tanta Museum (closed?)

  Contains a papyrus collection.


University Museum of Zigazig


Personal Collections:

Collection Beaugé

Collection A. Cattaoui

Collection Clot-Bey

Collection King Farouk

Collection P. Gabra

Collection G. A. Michailidis

Collection Wadie Hanna

Collection Zaki Aly





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