Abingdon County Hall Museum

stolen All Egyptian artefacts were stolen in 2005.



Alnwick Castle




Buckinghamshire County Museum

A permission form needs to be completed at the front desk.! +400 (a few on display) Allmost all of the Egyptian material is stored in the museum resource centre at Halton where it can be viewed after appointment.



Banbury Museum




Roman Baths Museum

28 not on display

Bath Royal Literary And Scientific Institution

92 not on display Visit by appointment only! The Egyptian collection is loaned to the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery.

Postal Museum

1 on display A papyrus from 1200 BC.



Bagshaw Museum

857 (200+ on display) A great part of the collection of the Dewsbury Museum is on display here.



Bedford Museum

203 (3 on display) Two objects are on display in the Collectors Gallery,an amulet of Qebehesenuef and a shabti; in the Castle Room (only open during events) is a coffin which can be viewed on appointment.


Bexhill on Sea:

Bexhill Museum

465 Small display of the most important pieces.



Bexley Museum




Powell-Cotton Museum




Williamson Art Gallery And Museum

Photography for reference & research purposes only is acceptable, you would have to ask permission for photographs to reproduce. 100 not on display The small collection can be viewed after appointment.



Barber Institute of Fine Arts

1 collossal Gabro Head of Amenhotep III, possibly a fake

Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity Museum (University of Birmingham)


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery



Blackburn Museum And Art Gallery




Central Museum and Art Gallery

Photography for non-commercial purposes is allowed; for publication permission must be asked, a declaration form from the front desk needs to be signed.! 10.000


Museum of Witchcraft

Photography for reference & research purposes only is acceptable, you would have to ask permission for photographs to reproduce.   Mummified head and hand, amulets, two necklaces of old beads, amulet of Ptah and a babboon, double sided seal with Sekhmet and a falcon in a modern broche, two snake rings and a stone tortoise.


Bournemouth Natural Science Society Museum


Russell-Cotes Art Gallery And Museum

Photography is allowed but there is a form to sign making the copyright over to the museum.! 150


 Brighton (Kent):

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery




City Museum and Art Gallery




Towneley Hall Art Gallery And Museum




Fitzwilliam Museum


The Lawrence Room (Egyptian Collection of the Girton College)

703 The  mummy of Hermione from the Roman Period first century AD, with "Fayum portrait" still in place. The collection includes predynastic pottery, and significant collections of shabtis, scarabs, beads, and amulets.

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

   new        old 6.854 (a few on display)



The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge

500 (part on display) Most of this collection is in reserve!  



Tullie House Museum And Art Gallery

150 (not on display?) The material is currently in use as a schools handling collection with associated teaching.



Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum

  Display case with 15 amulets, 1 alabastar perfume bottle, 2 shabti's,  a bean pod alledgedly found in the hand of a mummy.


Chatsworth House:

Chatsworth House

  Has at least two Sekhmet statues.



Chelmsford And Essex Museum

30 not on display There are some questions that these 30 objects could all be forgeries and this collection is not on display!



The Wilson - Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

180 (8 on display)



Grosvenor Museum

3 Contains a coffin, an animal mummie and a scarab Amenhotep III.


Chiddingstone (Kent):

Chiddingstone Castle

800 (75 on display) Thematic display: Daily Life, Farming, Scribing, the Priesthood, Gods and Pharaohs, and Death and the Afterlife.


Clitheroe (Lancashire):

Stonyhurst College

1 A 2500 year old mummy of a boy of 5 or 6 year old is on display in the Long Room.



Colchester Castle Museum

190 (1 on display)



Herbert Art Gallery And Museum




Croydon Museum And Heritage Service

3 Contains 3 metal statuettes.

Croydon Natural History And Scientific Society Museum

32 Open for research by appointment with the curator only.



Dewsbury Museum

not on display The Major part of the collection is on display in the Bagshaw Museum in Batley.



Derby Museum And Art Gallery




Doncaster Museum And Art Gallery

55 not on display



Dover Museum

3 not on display This museum originally had 26 objects, some were destroyed during war, others are missing. Currently only 3 have been recovered. Not on display!



Dudley Museum at the Archives

21 not on display This collection is currently not on display!



The Oriental Museum




Forty Hall Museum

4 This collection contains 4 shabtis.



Royal Albert Memorial Museum




Royal Engineers Museum




Glouchester City Museum & Art Gallery

2 not on display the objects are 2 predynastic flint tools




2 Two Greek papyri from 2nd century, one of them describes the death of a 8 year old slave-child that fell from a roof. School used to have a red granite bust of Ramses II that was sold in 2002 and ended up in Geneva (Switzerland).



Greenwich Heritage Centre

50 not on display



Guildford Museum

10 This small collection will rise in the future.



Bankfield Museum

55 (a few on display)  The museum would be happy to arrange access to the items which are not on display with prior notice.



Harborough Museum

2 Contains a shabti and an animal mummie.



The Museum of Harlow




Mercer Art Gallery

700 not on dispaly This collection is not on display. However, selected pieces are occasionally displayed in the Royal Pump Room Museum!

Royal Pump Room Museum

  This museum occasionaly displays egyption objects stored at the Mercer Art Gallery!


Harrow on the Hill:

Old Speech Room Gallery and Museum

1.070 (270 on display)



Hartlepool Arts and Museums Service ( Sir William Gray House)

160 not on display This collection is in storage!



Haslemere Educational Museum




Hastings Museum And Art Gallery




Mill Green Museum




Hereford Resource and Learning Centre

20 not on display The 20 ancient egyptian objects formerly in the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery are in storage here.



Hertford Museum

115 not on display The Egyptian collection is not currently on permanent display, but objects can be viewed by appointment if people are interested.



North Hertfordshire Museum (to open in 2017?)

40 This is the former Letchworth Museum And Art Gallery reopenend on a new location. Collection contains amulets, bronze statuettes, shabti's, jewelry, scarab's and a funerary cone of Neferhabef.


Horsham Museum

Photography for non-commercial purposes is allowed.! 11



Hull & East Riding Museum


Hands on History Museum

? on display A 2600 year old mummy of a priest of Min is on display and a few other items such as pottery, amulets, mummy mask, part of a cartonnage.

Ferens Art Gallery

2 in depot

A textile with depiction of hathor and a grain basket.



Brander Museum

1 not on display Contains a mummified head, not on display!



Ipswich Museum

800 (? on display)



Cliffe Castle Museum

400+ Collection contains a mummy of a young woman from Thebes 250 BC and a black coffin, amulets, pottery, bronze and stone statuettes, canopic vases, animal mummies, reliefs, cosmetic palettes, jewelry from the 18th till 20th dynasty, shabti's, stela, a foundation depot and flint tools.



Kendal Museum




Royal Botanic Gardens

For pictures you have to contact the photography service. 500


King's Lynn:

Lynn Museum



Kingston Lacy:

Bankes Collection

100 on display



National Trust, Tatton Park

7 not on display This collection is not on display!


Lacock Abbey:

National Trust, Fox Talbot Museum

  Collection of William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877) containing stone blocks with inscriptions, stelae and Ushabti



Peter Scott Gallery (Lancaster University)

? on display

In the John Chambers Ceramics Room (only permanent display, rest of collection is shown in temporary exhibitions), ancient Egyptian vases and glassware and a fragment of a Book of the Dead are exhibited.


Leamington Spa:

Royal Pump Rooms (Art Gallery And Museum)

 Non commercial photography is allowed on application. You would need to complete a request form stating what the images are for and would need to credit Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum.! 70 (selection on display) Part of the collection is in storage.



Leeds City Museum

1.500 (170 on display) The Leeds City Museum will be opening in august 2008!



New Walk Museum and Art Gallery  


Jewry Wall Museum Of Archaeology




The Collection Art and Archaeology in Lincolnshire

200 The 40 ancient egyptian objects from Grantham Museum are in storage here.



The Garstang Museum of Archaeology (University of Liverpool)


World Museum Liverpool

16.000+ (1.300 on display)



Anglesey Abbey

1 A bronze cat.



The British Museum

The Cuming Museum  Photography used for research or academic purposes only can be allowed. 200
The Freud Museum 400
The Horniman Museum 850
The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology +80.000
The Sir John Soane’s Museum 38
Victoria and Albert Museum ? on display The ceramics department of which the Ancient Egyptian objects are part is closed until september 2009
British Optical Association Museum 4 Visits only by appointment.
Gunnersbury Park Museum 110 not on display all items are flints
Museum of London 27 not on display
Hunterian Museum (The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England) For pictures you have to contact the photography service. 27
The Science Museum (NMSI) 1.387 This museum ciontains 1.387 objects, spread over 23 collections.
Society Of Antiquaries (Burlington House) 99 This collection is only visible if you are a member or by recommandation.
Natural History Museum not on display Animal mummies
Pollock’s Toy Museum 1 on display Contains a clay mouse from 2000 BC.
 UCL Institute of Archaeology Collections   Contains at least some scarabs.
UCL Ethnography Collections on appointment Pottery, flint tools and arrow-heads, fayence fragments, palettes, mace-heads.
Wellcome Collection   Ptolemaic Book of the Dead of Kerqun, a heart scarab, 2 canopic vases, bronze figurines, bronze mummification tools, animal mummies, cosmetic equipment and vessels, bronze mirror, toilet box, Faiyum portrait, mummified brain half from burial ground reign Mentuhotep II deir el-bahari. Papyri.
Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum ? Collection contains a set of Egyptian kyphi beads from around the neck of a mummy dating from the 1st century BC. Also contains a mummified hand a maybe some other objects.


Lyme Regis:

Lyme Regis Philpot Museum

1 Contains a stone vessel.



The Manchester Museum


John Rylands Research Institute and Library (Manchester University)

  Funerary papyri, 7 hierogliphic and 19 hieratic from the 14th century BC till 2nd century AD. 166 demotic papyri mainly from the ptolemaic period including the petition of Petiese from the reign of Darius I.



West Park Museum

Photography is allowed for private use only, form to be filled in. 350



Maidstone Museum

Photography foor personal use is allowed after filling in your name and address in a book at the reception. For photography for other use a form needs to be filled in and copies of the pictures teken must be given to the museum. 584



Market Harborough:

Harborough Museum

2 A shabti and the mummified head of a cat.



Dorman Museum




West Berkshire Museum

  Some items are loaned to Highclere Castle.

Highclere Castle



Newcastle upon Tyne:

Great North Museum: Hancock (University of Newcastle)

  This museum contains the Egyptian objects from the former Hancock Museum, the Shefton Museum, the Museum of Antiquities and the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.

Laing Art Gallery




Abington Museum

  Some items from the Northampton Museum are on display here

Northampton Museum And Art Gallery

221 not on display Some of these are displayed in the Abington Museum. The rest are stored!

Museum Of The Leathercraft




World Art Collections Exhibitions (Sainsbury Collection)

Photography for personal use only is permitted on completion of a Licence to Photograph form which is available at the Gallery Reception.! 68 Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection, University of East Anglia.

Norwich Castle Museum And Art Gallery

Photography is allowed for personal use. For photography for other purposes contact the marketing department. ! 464



Castle Museum & Art Gallery

Only photography by prior arrangement and under special circumstances is allowed.  

Brewhouse Yard Museum

Only photography by prior arrangement and under special circumstances is allowed. 200



Merchant Taylors' School




Nuneaton Museum And Art Gallery

1 Contains an incomplete pottery vessel reconstructed from sherds.



Oldham Art Gallery And Museum

60 not on display This collection is not on display!



Bromley Museum

Photography for private use only is allowed; permission can be requested from a member of staff on visiting the museum.! 107?(not on display)



The Ashmolean Museum

  Museum will be closed from 23 december 2008 until november 2009.

The Pitt Rivers Museum




Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery

1.500 not on display



Poole Museum

1 not on display A mummy with coffin


Port Sunlight:

Lady Lever Art Gallery

Photography for non commercial purpose allowed, form to be filled in! 48 Most of the Ancient Egyptian Collection is on long-term loan to the Bolton Museum!



Harris Museum & Art Gallery

25 on display



Reading Museum

For pictures contact the photographic service of the museum. 930 (1 on display) A hieroglyph panel from a temple door-jamb is the only object on display (2018). A papyrus from the tomb of Henutmehyt is on loan at the British Museum. Three objects are part of a corporate loans sheme. 90 are dispersed over 24 school loan boxes. The remainder of the collection is in storage and accessible by appointment.

The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology (University of Reading)

Photography fur personal use only is permitted. Photography for other purposes is not allowed; pictures can be bought from the photographic service.! 200



Rochdale Arts and Heritage Resource Centre

2.000 Can only be visited by appointment!



Guildhall Museum

10 not on display

Rotherfield Greys:

Greys Court

1 on display A wedjat eye amulet is on display.



Clifton Park Museum

Photography only allowed for personal use, form to be filled in. Pictures for publication have to be paid. 90 (25 on display)


Saffron Walden:

Saffron Walden Museum

250 (? on display)


Saint Albans:

Verulamium Museum

140 not on display At present, the ancient Egyptian collection is not part of the permanent display. For access, contact the museum.


Saint Helens:

World Of Glass

General shots can be taken without a flash but anything specific is subject to permission.! 273


Saint Helier (Channel Island of Jersey):

Jersey Museum and Art Gallery

2 not on display Items are a shabti and an alabaster vase.


Saint Peter Port (Channel Island of Guernsey):

Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery

179 (16 on display) Only 9% of the collection is currently on display.



Salford Museum And Art Gallery

360 (19 on display)



Salisbury And South Wiltshire Museum

25 not on display Currently on display within the Pitt Rivers gallery are the following objects from Egypt: 4 flint tools from the Palaeolithic, a copper alloy seal box from the Roman period and a replica 1881 map; rest in storage!



Rotunda Museum

50 not on display The ancient Egyptian collection is held by Scarborough Museums & Gallery, Town Hall, St Nicholas Street, Scarborough YO11 2HG (!not confirmed!)



Weston Park Museum

800 (20 on display)



Snowshill Manor and Garden

? on display

Left hand of a mummy (not on display) and textiles of unknown date.



SeaCity Museum

?not on display The former Egyptian Collection of the God&rsquos House Tower Museum which contained 119 objects and was closed in 2011 is probably stored here.



Southend Central Museum

53 not on display


Southport (Merseyside):

The Atkinson

900-1.000 The 70 objects of the Botanical Gardens Museum which closed in 2011 were probably moved to this museum.


South Shields:

Arbeia Roman Fort And Museum

22 not on display



Stockport Museum

100-150 Some material is stored with the reserve collections at Woodbank Hall under the umbrella of Stockport Heritage Services.


Stonyhurst College:

Stonyhurst College

1 on display The college has a 2.500 year old mummy of an unknown boy on display in the "Long Room".



Potteries Museum & Art Gallery

60 (1 on display) An amulet from c. 1400 BC is the only object on display (2018).



Swindon Museum

Photography for private use is permitted; you will have to sign the photograph book. Photography for publication is charged.! 31



Tonbridge School




Torquay Museum



 Truro (Cornwall):

Royal Cornwall Museum

Photography for educational purposes only, copyright form to be filled in. 908


Tunbridge Wells:

Tunbridge Wells Museum And Art Gallery

65 Part of the Egyptian collection is currently on long-term loan to Kent County Museums Services schools department.



Uplands Community College

1 A mummy of a young woman from 700 BC, her coffin belonged to the Royal Logger 30 years old, also from 700 BC



Wakefield Museum

+/-100 not on display Statues and pottery amongst other things.



Walsall Museum And Art Gallery




Wandsworth Museum

1 This museum contains a square inch of mummie linen.



Longleat House

30 The ancient Egyptian collection is viewable on any of the ten days a year when the museum offers Private Chattels Tours (the ten days and times between April and November are advertised annually) and at other times by appointment with the Curator of Historic Collections.

Warminster School

1 This collection contains 1 papyrus from the book of the dead.



Warrington Museum And Art Gallery

A photographic permit must be ask from a member of staff. For publication of photographs a permission for copyright is needed.! 400



 Market Hall Museum

250 not on display



Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery

25 not on display In wood: a cobra with crown, servitor statue, model plows, Anubis head and Falcon. A toy clay mouse, bead necklaces, fragments of a mummy cartonage and shabti's.



Museum of Wigan Life

+/- 40 on display



Winchester Museums Service (Historic Resources Centre)


Winchester College




The Eton Myers Collection of Ancient Egyptian Art




Wisbech and Fenland Museum




Wolverhampton Art Gallery

? on dispaly In the online database following objects are mentioned: a terracotta rattle, a canopic jar, a few Osiris statuettes, bronze statuette with larger crown (sic), an Isis and Horus figure in faience, a jar, faience beads, shabti's and a wooden figure (no arms). Unclear how many objects are actual on display.



Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

Photography for private use only, form to be completed.! 200 not on display


York Museums Trust

not on permanent display The York Museums Trust holds a number of ancient Egyptian objects of which a few are sometimes on display during temporary exhibitions at one of the museums: York Art Gallery, Castle Museum and Yorkshire Museum.

Castle Howard

1 on display (15 in storage)

A fragment of a shabti of a man named Petamenope should be on display  near the western stairwell, 15 other objets are in storage.



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