Allard Pierson Museum

? on display

Bibliotheek van de Universiteit van Amsterdam

  Collection can only be visited after you've madfe an appointment!

Bijbels Museum



? not on display

A number of artefacts should be in store here: wooden mask of a coffin, a terracotta mould for an amulet, a small stone jar for eye paint, hair rings for wigs, flint tools, shell and ivory bracelets, many beads of glass, ceramic and semi-precious stones.


Den Haag:

Museum Meermanno

? on display


not on display



University Museum

Not on display The Ethnological collection of the 'Volkenkundig Museum Gerardus van der Leeuw' is after closure in 2003 stored at the University Museum of Groningen, and is therefore only to be visited after appointment!



Kröller-Müller Museum




Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

? on display
The Netherlands Institute for the Near East   This institute houses a collection donated by the 'de Knegt collection'. Big thanks to Jana Loose.



Zeeuws Museum

5 on display? Mummy of a child from Graeco-Roman period, with grave gifts; two dolls and a pair of oars.



Belasting & Douane Museum

4 on display? Contains a 3000 year old shabti and 3 papyri
Wereldmuseum Rotterdam 5 on display? Collection contains at least 4 shabti's and a predynastic vase.



Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht

? not on display A small collection, mostly in storage.



Stedelijk Museum

1 on display A mummy from 600-500 BC.

Private Collections :

W. Arnold Meijer Collection - Amsterdam




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