“Vasile Pārvan” Institute of Archaeology


Ceramic and alabaster vessels, 31 shabtis, bronze statuettes, scarabs, amulettes, necklaces, flint pieces, bird mummies and mummified hand of a woman with a scarab ring.

The George Severeanu Museum

11 on display

Pottery 3 ,2  bronze figurines, a shabti, 3 scarabs and the left hand of a mummy.

Romanian Academy Library


Papyrus of Sah (fragment of book of the Dead) and 3 stones (2 red jasper, 1 green glass) carved with image Harpocrates (probably local finds) held in the Numismatic Kabinet.

The National History Museum of Bucharest


Stela of Sobek-Hor and some items related to the Graeco-Roman Isis cult.

Faculty of History


Cartonnage of Bes 22-23 dynasty, a 2nd cartonnage fragment with part of a cartouche and the head of a queen with Hathor crown, 2 wooden painted animal statuettes, Shabtis of Nesi Amun and Padiamenopet, bronze statuettes of Osiris and Isis with Horus, 2 wooden Akh statuettes, fragment of a Horus stela and a wooden cat.


Tarii Crisurilor Museum


Collection contains 60 objects.


Muzeul de Etnografie Universala "Franz Binder" not on display? Mummy and coffin from Gamhud Ptolemaic period, a memorial scarab of Amenhotep III and a 4000 year old shroud.






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