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*December 2007

-Museum Guide :     Added Boston Athenaeum (Boston) (Massachusetts USA)

-Photo Gallery :        Added Petit Palais gallery (Paris) (France)

-Photo Gallery :        Added galleries Amun Precinct, Karnak : Akh Menu gallery, Graeco-Roman Chapel gallery (Egypt)

-Photo Gallery :        Added Science Museum gallery (London), added Pitt Rivers Museum gallery (Oxford) (England)

-Photo Gallery :        Added Museo Civico Archeologico gallery (Bologna) (Italy)

* November 2007

-Photo Gallery Outside Egypt :    Added obelisk in Giardino Boboli (Firenze) (Italy)

-Photo Gallery :       Added Museo Missionario San Francesco gallery (Fiesole)  (Italy)

-Museum Guide :    Added Jagiellonian University collection (Krakow) (Poland)

* October 2007

-Photo Gallery :       Added British Museum gallery (London) (England)

-Museum Guide :    Added Museo di Storio Naturale Calderini (Varallo) (Italy)

-Photo Gallery :       Added Ashmolean Museum gallery (Oxford), Ipswich Museum gallery (Ipswich), Colchester Castle Museum gallery (Colchester),

                                 Archaeology and Anthropology Museum gallery (Cambridge), Saffron Walden Museum gallery (Saffron Walden) (England)


* September 2007

-No Updates


* August 2007

-Museum Guide :    Added Underwater Museum (planned), Museum of the Faculty of Lettres of Alexandria (Alexandria), Cairo City Museum (planned),

                                 Museum for Medicine (al-Sakalini Palace) (planned) (Cairo), National Museum (planned) (Rashid) (Egypt)

-Photo Gallery :       Added Kunsthistorisches Museum gallery (Vienna) (Austria). Added Musée Dobrée gallery (Nantes) (France) (Special thanks to Phillipe


-Museum Guide :    Added Musée Jaquemart-André (Paris) (France) , Robert V. Fullerton Museum (San Bernardino) (California), Institut für Ägyptologie

                                 (Vienna) (Austria)


* July 2007

-Museum Guide :    Added Kestner Museum gallery (Hannover), added Pergamon Museum gallery (Berlin) (Germany). Added Louvre Museum gallery

                                 (Paris) (France)

-Museum Guide :    Added Museu Egipcio e Rosacruz (Curitiba) (Brazil), Musée des civilisations (Saint-Just Saint Rambert) (France)

-Museum Guide :    Added Roemer und Pelizaeus Museum photogallery (Hildesheim) (Germany)


* June 2007

-Photo Gallery :       Added Esna photogallery (Upper Egypt). Added Maharraka photogallery (Lower Nubia)

-Photo Gallery :       Changed format photo galleries to slideshow

-Museum Guide :    Added Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée d'Archéologie (Lons-Le-Saunier), Musée Anne de Beaujeu (Moulins) (France)


* May 2007

-Photo Gallery Outside Egypt :      Added obelisks in Rome, Paris and London (Gallery Outside Egypt)

-Photo Gallery Outside Egypt :      Added new button Gallery Outside Egypt, cities around the world that contain genuine Egyptian remains, such as

                                                         obelisks, architecture, statues etc.          

-General :                Changed general desheret page

-Photo Gallery :      Added map Mut Precinct (Karnak)

-Photo Gallery :      Added Kom Ombo photogallery (Upper Egypt). Edited Lower Egypt Map, clickable regions (Egypt Map)

-Museum Guide :   Added Musée des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle (Alençon), Musée d'Histoire et d'Archéologie de Môutiers (Môutiers), Musée

                                Municipal de Sault (Sault), Château-Musée (Saumur) (France). Added Musée d'Archéologie et de Folklore (Verviers) (Belgium)

-Museum Guide :   Added Musée Archéologique (Temple de Diane) (Aix-les-Bains), Musée de l’Arles et de la Provence Antiques (Arles), Musée

                                Hôtel-Bertrand (Châteauroux), Le Musée de l'Hospice Saint-Roche (Issoudun), Musée de Soissons (Soissons), Musée d’ Archéo-

                                logie de la Société Polymatique du Morbihan (Chateau-Gaillard) (Vannes), Musée Georges Garret (Vesoul) (France)

-Photo Gallery :      Added map Montu Precinct, (Karnak). Added Derr photogallery, Added gallery Amun Precinct, Karnak : Ptah Temple photogallery

                                Added gallery Montu Precinct, Karnak : General View photogallery, Gate photogallery, Statues Amenhotep III photogallery

-Museum Guide :   Merged Musée Historique de la Réformation and Musée Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Geneva), which is one museum. (Switzerland)

-Museum Guide :   Added Museo di Storia Naturale (Lucca), Museo di Antropologia dell' Universita' di Padova (Padova), Museo della Citta' di Narni

                                (Narni), Museo Archeologico Nazionale delle Marche (Ancona) (Italy). (Thanks to Dario Nannini!)

-Museum Guide :   Added West Berkshire Museum (Newbury), Abingdon County Hall Museum (Abingdon), Glouchester Museum & Art Gallery (Glou-

                                cester), Dewsbury Museum (Dewsbury) (England)

-General :               Added LINKS section to main page

-Museum Guide :   Fixed links Royal Cornwall Museum (Truro), Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery (Plymouth), Torquay Museum (Torquay),

                                Royal Albert Memorial Museum (Exeter) (England)


* April 2007

-Museum Guide :   Added Museum of Antiquities, Great North Museum, changed link Hancock Museum (now closed) (Newcastle Upon Tyne) (England).

-Museum Guide :   Added Museum Robertinum (Halle), Added number of objects Museum für Völkerkunde (Hamburg), added Originalsammlung des

                                Archäologischen Instituts (Universität Göttingen), added Kulturgeschichtliches Museum (Osnabrück). Added number of objects for

                                Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Hamburg). (Germany). Changed info : 'collection not on display' for Gunnersbury Park Museum and

                                Museum of London (London) (England). Fixed url Musée Rodin (Paris) (France)  

-Museum Guide :   Added Aboca Museum (San Sepolcro), Museo Civico "Goffredo Bellini" (Asola), Tesoro di San Marco (Venezia), Castello di Mira-

                                mare (Trieste), Giardino di Boboli (Firenze), Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche (Faenza), Antiquariom Stabiano (Castellammare

                                di Stabia) (Italy). Added Museum of the Swiss-German Excavation (Aswan) (Egypt). (Thanks to Dario Nannini!)

-Museum Guide :   Added Museo Civico (Lodi), Museo "Lodovico Pogliaghi" (Varese), Museo Civico di Storia Naturale (Brescia), Museo "Camillo

                                Leone" (Vercelli), Museo Civico (Susa), Museo Archeologico (Aosta), Museo Civico Archeologico (Erba), Museo Etrusco (Tarquinia),

                                Museo Provinciale (Catanzaro), Museo Civico "Correale di Terranova" (Sorrento), Raccolte Papirologiche dell' Universita' (Genova),

                                Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae (Lacco Ameno), Museo Civico "Craveri" (Bra), Museo dell' Opera del Duomo (Pisa), Museo del

                                Foro Romano e Collezione Archeologica (Assisi), Museo Civico Archeologico Etnologico (Modena), Galleria estense (Modena),

                                Giardino di "Villa Melzi" (Bellagio) (Italy). Added Museo Archeologico "J. Whitaker", (Marsala) (Sicily). Added Museo Archeologico

                                Nazionale (Cagliari) (Sardinia) (Special thanks to Dario Nannini).

-Museum Guide :   Added Musée d'Histoire Naturelle d'Archéologie et d'Ethnographie photogallery (Cherbourg) (Special thanks to Phillipe Gossaert).

                                Added galleries Amun Precinct, Karnak :    Court of the Cachette photogalley, Seventh Pylon photogallery.

-Museum Guide :   Added Sardinia page. Added Museo Archeologico Nazionale (Cagliari) (Sardinia). Removed museum Beratshausen from Germany

                                 page (closed). Added Jersey Museum (Saint Helier), added Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery (Saint Peter Port), added Cliffe

                                 Castle Museum (Keighley) (England). Moved Museo del Papiro (Syracuse) from Italy to Sicily page (Sicily).

-Photo Gallery :      Added galleries Amun Precinct, Karnak :    Sixth Pylon photogallery, Inner Sanctum photogallery, Magazines Tuthmosis III photogallery

-Museum Guide :   Changed and added url University Museum to Institute of Archaeology Collections (London), changed url Science Museum (London),

                                 fixed url Rochdale Arts and Heritage Resource Centre (Rochdale) (England). Added Museo di Antropologia ed Etnografia (Turin),

                                 Museo 'Gaetano Chierici' di Paletnologia (Reggio Emilia), Museo Missionario San Francesco (Fiesole), Museo del Monastero

                                 'Mekhitarista Armeno' (Venice), Museo Civico (Cernusco Sul Naviglio), Museo di Archeologia Ligure (Genova), Istituto Papirologico

                                 'Girolamo Vitelli' (Firence), Museo Civico 'Amedeo Lia' and Civico Museo del Cigillo(La Spezia), Museo di State (San Marino)

                                 (Italy), (thanks to Dario Nannini)

-Museum Guide :    Removed National Trust (Penrhyn Castle) (Bangor) from England page and moved it to Wales page (Wales)

-Museum Guide :    Added Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Cambridge). Added number of objects Manchester Museum (Manchester),

                                 World Museum (Liverpool), Central Museum and Art Gallery (Bolton). Changed number of objects Norwich Castle Museum

                                 (Norwich), Garstang Museum of  Archaeology (University of Liverpool) (Liverpool). Removed New Walk Museum from London list

                                 (belongs to Leicester) (England)

-Photo Gallery :       Added Medamud photogallery (Upper Egypt), Dakka photogallery, Amada photogallery (Lower Nubia)

-Photo Gallery :       Added galleries Amun Precinct, Karnak :    Girdle Wall photogallery, Hypostyle Hall photogallery, Block Field photogallery,

                                                                                                    Khonsu Temple photogallery


* March 2007

-Museum Guide :     Fixed link and technical fiche Musée Archéologique de Touraine (l’Hôtel Gouin) (Tours), Musée Savoisien (Chambéry) (France)

-Photo Gallery :        Added Sakkara photogallery (Lower Egypt)

-Museum Guide :     Added Musée Fenaille (Rodez), Musée de La Société Archéologique d'Avesnes-sur-Helpe (Avesnes-sur-Helpe), Musée Municipal

                                  d'Art (La Roche-sur-Yon), Musée Boucher de Perthes (Abbeville), Musée Léon-Alègre (Bagnoles-sur-Cèze), Musée de la Princerie

                                  (Verdun), Musée des Beaux-Arts et d'Archéologie (Châlons-en-Champagne), Musée de l'Avallonais (Avallon), Musée Gassendi

                                  (Digne-les-Bains), Musée d'Art (Toulon), Musée International de la Chaussure (Romans), Musée Crozatier (Le Puy-en-Velay), Musée 

                                  Ingres (Montauban), Musée des Jacobins (Auch) (France)

-Museum Guide :    Updated URL Musée Savoisien (Chambéry), Musée Archéologique de Touraine (l’Hôtel Gouin, Tours) (France)

-Museum Guide :    Added Musée de la Faculté des Lettres (Lyon), Musée Lamartine (Macon), Musée des Beaux-Arts (Brest), Musée Alfred Danicourt 

                                 (Périgord), Musée Municipal (Avranches), Museum Aquarium (Nancy), Musée des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle (Calais), Musée

                                 National de la Préhistoire (Les-Eyzies-de-Tayac), Muséee de Vin du Bourgogne (Beaune), Muséum d' Histoire Naturelle (Rouen),

                                 Château-Musée de l' Emperi (Salon-de-Provence) (France)

-General : Added htm pages linked to the Thebes West-Bank map hyperlinks

-Photo Gallery : Added galleries Amun Precinct, Karnak :     Tod photogallery, Ramp of Taharqa gallery, Tomb of Osiris gallery, Gold Room of Shabaka

                                                                                               gallery, MK Sanctuary gallery       

-Photo Gallery : Added galleries Amun Precinct, Karnak :    Scarab gallery, Sacred Lake gallery, Gate Nectanebo I gallery, Nilometer gallery,

                                                                                             Chapel of Osiris Neb-Ankh gallery, First Pylon gallery, Quay gallery, Dromos gallery

-Museum Guide : Added Abbaye Royale gallery (Fontaine Chaalis, France)

-General : Added yellow border around red crown gif, start page

-Museum Guide : fixed technical information, Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum (California)

-Museum Guide : fixed link and technical information, Wichita : Museum of World Treasures (Kansas)

-Photo Gallery page :

Added " To be updated... " sentence on all the gallery pages that still have to be done

Added BACK function on each bottom of the webpages

Added Lower Egypt Map

Added Middle Egypt Map

Added Upper Egypt Map

Added Karnak. Map with temples of karnak

Added Amun Precinct

-Photo Gallery page and Museum Guide:

Added Karnak Open Air Museum gallery

-General :

Updated desheret.htm page, added updates section


* February 2007

-Photo Gallery page :

Added Abydos Map :     Temple of Seti I and Osireion photogallery, Temple of Ramesses II photogallery

Added Thebes West-Bank Map :     Memnon Colossi photogallery, Temple Ramesses III Medinet Habu photogallery, Temple of Merenptah photogallery,

                                                        Ramesseum photogallery, Deir el-Medina photogallery, Temple of Seti I photogallery, Temple of Mentuhotep photo-

                                                        gallery, Temple of Hatshepsut photogallery

-Museum Guide :


Added Nubia Museum gallery (Aswan, Egypt)

Added Cairo Museum gallery (Cairo, Egypt)

Added Luxor Museum gallery (Luxor, Egypt)


Added Horniman Museum galley (London, UK)

Added Royal Museum of Scotland gallery (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Added Hunterian Museum gallery, Kelvingrove Art Museum gallery, Burrell Collection gallery (Glasgow, Scotland)

Added Musée Royal de Mariemont gallery (Mariemont, Belgium)

Added Musée Baron Gérard gallery (Bayeux, France)

Added Musée Condé gallery (Chantilly, France)

Added Musée des Beaux-Arts gallery (Lyon, France)

Added Musée Rodin gallery (Paris, France)

Added Museo Gregoriano Egizio (Vatican) gallery, Musei Capitolini gallery, Palazzo Altemps gallery (Rome, Italy)

Added Museo Egizio (Turin, Italy)

Added Aegyptisches Museum und Payrussammlung gallery, Botanisches Museum galley (Berlin, Germany)

Added Aegyptisches Museum gallery, Akademisches Kunstmuseum gallery (Bonn, Germany)

Added Ruhrlandmuseum gallery (Essen, Germany)

Added Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum gallery (Köln, Germany)


Added Brunnier Art Museum, Putnam Museum (Iowa, USA), Museum of Art & Archaeology (University of Missouri-Columbia) (Missouri, USA),

            J. Paul Getty Museum (California, USA), Valentine Richmond History Center (Virginia, USA), Freeport Art Museum and Cultural Center,

            The World Heritage Museum (Illinois, USA), Neuberger Museum of Art (New York, USA), Philbrook Museum of Art (Oklahoma, USA)

            Fitchburg Art Museum (Massachussets, USA), Slater Memorial Museum (Connecticut, USA)


Added Bergen Museum (University of Bergen) (Bergen, Norway)


Added J.F.Willumsen Museet (Frederiksund, Denmark)

-General :

Added new logo homepage


* January 2007

-Photo Gallery page :

Added Heliopolis photogallery

Added Giza photogallery

Added Abusir photogallery

Added Dashur potogallery

Added El-Lisht photogallery

Added Meidum photogallery

Added Dendera photogallery

Added Luxor Temple photogalley

Added Edfu photogalley

Added Philae photogallery

Added Beit el-Wali photogallery

Added Lower Nubia Map :    Wadi es-Sebua photogallery, Abu Simbel photogallery

-Museum Guide :

Added Biblical Museum photogallery (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Added Museon photogallery (Den Haag, Netherlands)

Added Rijksmuseum van Oudheden photogallery (Leiden, Netherlands)

-General :

Added Copyright Policy




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