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* December 2008

-Photo Gallery :          Added Allard Pierson Museum (Amsterdam) (The Netherlands)

-Museum Guide :       Added Museu de Aveiro (Aveiro), Paço Ducal (Villa Viçosa) (Portugal)

-Museum Guide :       Added Lehrsammlung makroskopischer Präparate (Leipzig), Medizinhistorische Sammlung (Leipzig) (Germany)


* November 2008

-Photo Gallery :          Added Papyrusmuseum (Vienna) (Austria)

-Photo Gallery :          Added Musée de Picardie (Amiens) (France)

-Museum Guide :       Added Stedelijk Museum (Zwolle) (The Netherlands)

-Museum Guide :       Added Prewitt / Allen Archaeological Museum (Corban College) (Salem, Oregon) (USA)

-Museum Guide :       Added Herakleion Archaeological Museum (Herakleion) (Crete)

-Museum Guide :       Added Cherchel Museum (Cherchel) (Algeria)

-Museum Guide :       Many photogalleries have been converted in a new lay-out.     


* October 2008

-Photo Gallery :          Added Diakonie Museum Kaiserswerth (Düsseldorf) (Germany)

-Photo Gallery :          Added a new Giza photogallery

-Museum Guide :       Added The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Bodrum) (Turkey)

-Museum Guide :       Added Museu do Brinquedo (Sintra) (Portugal)


* September 2008

-Photo Gallery :          Added Palais des Beaux-Arts Gallery (Lille) (France)

-Museum Guide :       Added Archaeological Museum (Sparta) (Greece) 

-Museum Guide :       Added Museu Textil i d’Indumentaria (Barcelona) (Spain)


* August 2008

-Photo Gallery :          Added Hetjens Museum Gallery (Düsseldorf) (Germany)

-Museum Guide :       Added Edfu Archaeological Museum (planned) (Edfu) (Egypt)  

-Museum Guide :       Added Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Boston, Massachussets) (USA)

-Museum Guide :       Added Archaeological Museum (Corfu) (Greece) 

-Museum Guide :       Added Museu del Jouguet de Catalunya (Figueres),  Museu Darder d’Historia Natural de Banyoles (Banyoles) (Spain)


* July 2008

-Photo Gallery :           Added Athens National Museum Gallery (Athens) (Greece)

-Photo Gallery :           Added Museo Correale di Terranova Gallery (Sorrento) (Italy)

-Museum Guide :        Added Local Lore Museum (Kherson) (Ukraine)

-Museum Guide :        Added Archaeological Museum (Chios) (Greece) 

-Museum Guide :        Added Museu de Belles Arts de Castelló de la Plana (Castellón de la Plana), Institut Estudis Ilerdencs (Lleida),

                                     Museu Comarcal del Maresme (Mataró), Museu d'Arqueología de Catalunya-Ullastret (Ullastret) (Spain)


* June 2008

-Museum Guide :        Added Pollock's Toy Museum (London) (England)

-Museum Guide :        Added Musée de la Parfumerie Fragonard (Paris), Musée de Sens (Sens) (France)

-Museum Guide :        Added Museu del Perfum (Fundacio’s Planas Giralt) (Barcelona), Museo del Vidrio y Cerámica (Museu del Castell de Peralada)

                                     (Peralda),  Centre Borja I Institut de Teologia Fonamental (Sant Cugat del Vallès) (Spain)


* May 2008

-Photo Gallery :           Added Museum of Fine Arts Gallery (Budapest), Biblia Múzeum Gallery (Budapest) (Hungary)

-Museum Guide :        Added Biblia Múzeum (Budapest) (Hungary)

-Museum Guide :        Added Goucher College: The Julia Rogers Library (Baltimore, Maryland),  Westminster College Cultural Artifacts Collection

                                     (New Wilmington, Pennsylvania),  The Everhart Museum of Natural History, Science & Art (Scranton, Pennsylvania), The College of

                                     Wooster Art Museum (Wooster, Ohio), Natural History Museum (Los Angeles, California) (USA)

-Museum Guide :        Added Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle (Dijon), Fondation Custodia (Paris) (France)


* April 2008

-Museum Guide :       Added El-Ashmunein open-air Museum (El-Ashmunein), Akhmin open-air Museum (Akhmin) (Egypt)

-Museum Guide :       Added Avicenna Museum (Hamadam), Persepolis Museum (Persepolis), Susa Museum (Susa) (Iran

-Museum Guide :       Added Archaeological Museum (Delos) (Greece)

-Museum Guide :       Added Museo Ostiense (Ostia) (Italy)

-Museum Guide :       Added Museu Biblic Tarraconense (Tarragona) (Spain)

-Museum Guide :       Added Deutsches Spielzeugmuseum (Sonneberg), Deutsches Medizinhistorisches Museum

                                    (Ingolstadt) (Germany)


* March 2008

-Museum Guide :        Added  Archaeological Museum (Rhodes), Kanellopoulos Museum  (Athens), Archaeological Museum (Eretria) (Greece)

-Museum Guide :        Added National Museum (Poznan) (Poland)

-Museum Guide :        Added Státní hrad Buchlov Muzeum (Buchlovice), Městské Muzeum (Moravska Trebova) (Czechia)

-Museum Guide :        Added Déri Múzeum (Debrecen), Scientific Collections of the Trans-Danubian Calvinist Church - Museum (Pápa) (Hungary)

-Museum Guide :        Added The Weingreen Museum of Biblical Antiquities (Trinity College) (Dublin) (Ireland)

-Museum Guide :        Added  Bridgestone Museum of Art (Ishibashi Foundation) (Tokyo) (Japan)


* February 2008

-Photo Gallery :           Added Museo Egizio gallery (Florence) (Italy)

-Museum Guide :        Added Sarawak Cat Museum (Kuching) (Malaysia)

-Museum Guide :        Added Natural History Museum (London) (England)


* January 2008

-Museum Guide :        Added Sharm el-Sheikh Museum (planned), Hurghada Museum (planned), Bani Swayf Archaeological Museum (Ahnas),

                                     Museum of the Faculty of Archaeology (Sohag), Marina Al-Alamayn Museum (planned) (El-Alamein), Marsa Alam Museum

                                     (planned) (Marsa Alam), Al-Qusayr Museum (planned) (Al-Qusayr), Edfu open-air museum (Edfu), Archaeological Museum,

                                     (planned) (Marsa Matruh), Museum of Furniture (planned) (Damietta), Merenptah Temple Museum (Luxor), Military Museum 

                                     (Port Said), Military Museum, Postal Museum, Egyptian History Museum (Palace Said Halim) (planned) (Cairo) Ahmad Fakhri

                                     museum (planned) (Daklah Oasis) (Egypt)

-Museum Guide :        Added Archaeology Museum (Ponta Grossa) (Brazil)

-Museum Guide :        Added National Trust Fox Talbot Museum (Lacock Abbey), Tonbridge School (Tonbridge) (England)

-Photo Gallery Outside Egypt :    Added Trieste gallery, Urbino gallery (Italy), New York gallery (New York USA), Istanbul Gallery (Turkey), 

                                                       Madrid gallery (Spain), Catania gallery (Sicily

-Museum Guide :        Added new sign : photography prohibited    for those museums where photography is not allowed. (see guide walkthrough)






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