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* December 2010

-Photo Gallery :        Added Civico Museo di Storia ed Arte (Trieste) (Italy)

-Photo Gallery :        Added TT414 Ankh-Hor in Assassif (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :     Added Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Nantes (Nantes) (France)


* November 2010

-Photo Gallery:         Added Thorvaldsens Museum (Kopenhagen) (Denmark)

-Photo Gallery :        Added TT279 Pabasa in Assassif (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :     Added Museo Baroffio E Del Santuario Del Sacromonte Sopra Varese (Varese) (Italy)


* October 2010

-Photo Gallery:         Added Giardini di Villa Melzi (Bellagio, Italy) (Egyptian Monuments Arround the World)  

-Photo Gallery:         Added  Glassmuseum Hentrich (Düsseldorf) (Germany)

-Photo Gallery :        Added TT192 Keruef in Assassif (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :     Added Galerie de l'uquam (Montreal) (Canada)


* September 2010

-Photo Gallery :         Added  Deutsches Klingenmuseum (Solingen) (Germany)

-Photo Gallery :         Added Musée de la Castre (Cannes) (France)

-Photo Gallery :         Added TT296 Nefersekheru in el-Khokha (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :       Added Ikonen-Museum (Recklinghausen) (Germany)


* August 2010

-Photo Gallery :         Added TT178 Kenro in el-Khokha (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :       Added The National Centre of Afro-American Artists (Boston, Massachusetts)(USA)

-Museum Guide :       Added Musikinstrumenten-Sammlung (Göttingen) (Germany)


* July 2010

-Photo Gallery :         Added  Badisches Landesmuseum (Karlsruhe) (Germany)

-Museum Guide :       Added Kerma Museum (Kerma) (Sudan)

-Museum Guide :       Added Museo dell’Abbazia (Grottaferrata) (Italy)


* June 2010

-Photo Gallery :         Added  Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst München (München) (Germany)

-Photo Gallery :         Added TT13 Shuroy in Dra Abu el-Naga (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :       Added Hotel Claris: Egyptian Museum (Barcelona), Hotel Urban: Egyptian Museum (Madrid) (Spain)

-Museum Guide :       Added Hotel Banke: Egyptian Art (Paris) (France)


* May 2010

-Photo Gallery :          Added TT255 Roy in Dra Abu el-Naga (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :       Added Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science (Evansville, Indiana) (USA)

-Museum Guide :       Added Medizinhistorische Sammlung der Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Bochum) (Germany)


* April 2010

-Photo Gallery :          Added Louvre Museum: Thematic Display (Paris) (France)

-Photo Gallery :          Added QV55 Amonherkhopshef in Queen's Valley (Thebes West-Bank)

-Museum Guide :       Added Museum Schloss "Glucksberg" (Römhild) (Germany)

-Museum Guide :       Added  Bass Museum of Art (Miami Beach, Florida) (USA)


* March 2010

-Photo Gallery :          Added QV44 Khaemwaset in Queen's Valley (Thebes West-Bank)

-Photo Gallery :          Added Louvre Museum: Chronological Display (Paris) (France)

-Museum Guide :       Added Museum Waldenburg (Waldenburg) (Germany)

-Museum Guide :       Added Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology (Woodland, California) (USA)


* February 2010

-Photo Gallery :          Added Louvre Museum: Egyptian and Egyptianising Art outside Egypt (Paris) (France)

-Museum Guide :       Added Antikensammlung (Christian-Albrechts-Universität ) (Kiel) (Germany)

-Museum Guide :       Added Hillwood Museum (Hillwood, Washington DC) (USA)


* January 2010

-Photo Gallery :          Added Musée du Gâtinais (Montargis) (France)

-Museum Guide :       Added  Museum of Bielsko-Biala (Bielsko-Biela) (Poland)

-Museum Guide :       Added Blumenbachsche Schädelsammlung (Georg-August-Universität) (Göttingen) (Germany)




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