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* December 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Gayer-Anderson Museum (Cairo) (Egypt)

-Photo Gallery:         added Abu Gurob (Egypt)

-Museum Guide:      added La collection égyptienne du Séminare de Saint Hyacinthe (Saint-Hyacinthe) (Canada)


* November 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Ankhtifi (el-Moalla)

-Photo Gallery:         Replaced the old Abusir gallery by a new one: Abusir

-Museum Guide:      added Archaeological Museum Rethimnon (Rethimnon) (Crete)


* October 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Sobekhotep (el-Moalla)

-Photo Gallery:         Replaced the old Dashur gallery by a new one: Dashur

-Photo Gallery:         added Deutsches Ledermuseum (Offenbach am Main) (Germany)

-Museum Guide:      added Southend Central Museum (Southend-on-Sea) (England) (Great-Britain)


* September 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added TT55 Ramose (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Museum Guide:      added Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre (Santa Cruz) (Tenerife, Canary Islands) (Spain)


* August 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Imhotep Museum (Sakkara) (Egypt)

-Photo Gallery:         added TT56 Userhat (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Museum Guide:      added Mycenae Archaeological Museum (Mycenae) (Greece)


* July 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Lahun (Egypt)

-Photo Gallery:         added TT57 Kaemhet (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Museum Guide:      added Mougins Museum of Classical Art (Mougins) (France)


* June 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Children's Museum (Cairo) (Egypt)

-Photo Gallery:         added TT59 Menna (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Photo Gallery:         added Hawara (Egypt)

-Museum Guide:      added Madisons Art Gallery (James Madison University) (Harissonburg, Virginia) (USA)


* May 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added TT96 Sennefer (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Photo Gallery:         replaced the old Mit Rahina Open Air-Museum gallery by a new one: Mit Rahina Open Air-Museum (Egypt)

-Museum Guide:      added Antikensammlung und Abguss-Sammlung (Heidelberg) (Germany)


* April 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added TT343 Benia (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Photo Gallery:         added Kom el-Dikka open-air museum (Alexandria) (Egypt)

-Museum Guide:      added El Museo de Lluc (Escorca) (Balear Islands) (Spain)


* March 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Neues Museum (Berlin) (Germany)

-Photo Gallery:         added Military Museum (Cairo) (Egypt)

-Photo Gallery:         added TT52 Nakht (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Museum Guide:      added National Gallery in Prague - Kinský Palace (Prague) (Czech Republic)


* February 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (Copenhagen) (Denmark)

-Photo Gallery:         added TT51 Neferhebef (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Photo Gallery:         replaced the old Medum gallery by a new one: Medum (Egypt)

-Museum Guide:      added Museum of World Religions (New Taipe City) (Taiwan)


* January 2011

-Photo Gallery:         added Nationalmuseet (Copenhagen) (Denmark)

-Photo Gallery:         added TT31 Khonsu (el-Qurna) (Thebes-Westbank)

-Museum Guide:      added Ur- und Frühgeschichtliche Sammlung (Erlangen) (Germany)






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