Paper Museum

? Rumour goes this museum has a papyrus, which is apparently missing nowadays?


Finnish Egyptological Society (Helsinki University)

  The society manages an extensive Egyptological slide collection belonging to the scholarly remains left by professor Holthoer. The ancient Egyptian artefacts owned by the society were last on display in The Metamorphoses of Writing exhibition at the Helsinki University Library (spring 2003).

National Board of Antiquities Collection

0 on display This collection is not on display. It contains smaller objects such as pottery and sherds (Nubia) but also houses a coffin and a Fayum portrait.

Helsinki University Museum

<20 Should have some objects, like some animal mummies (cat) and a head (?) of a human mummy.

National Library of Finland

<10 Formerly known as The Helsinki University Library, should own a couple of ostraca, Demotic and Greek.

Finnish National Gallery

1 Should contain one object.

Didrichsen Art and Cultural Museum

1-2 Should contain one or two objects.

Luomus - Finnish Museum of Natural History


Some skulls and mummified heads.

National Museum of Finland


Coffin of Ankh-ef-en-Amun (21st or 26th dyn.), coffin lid of a woman and some small objects.


Sara Hilden Art Museum

1 Should contain one object.


University of Turku

  100 Ptolomaic papyry recovered from mummy cartonnages, 10 of these are in demotic from the Fayum.





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