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November 2016

Photogallery:               added Musée de Grenoble gallery (Grenoble) (France)

Museum Guide:          added Musée du Quai Branly (Paris) (France) and Harris Museum & Art Gallery (Preston) (England)


October 2016

Photogallery:               added Calcite Chapel of Amenhotep II (Karnak Open Air Museum) (Egypt)

Photogallery:               added Kiosk of Qertassi gallery (New Kalabsha, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Musée des Confluances gallery (Lyon) (France)

Museum Guide:          added Cairo Airport Museum (Cairo) (Egypt) and Musée Charles-Léandre (Domfront) (France)


September 2016

Photogallery:               added Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon gallery (Lyon) (France)

Museum Guide:          added Goethe-Nationalmuseum mit Goethes Wohnhaus and Museum für Ur- und Frühgeschichte (Weimar) (Germany)


August 2016

Photogallery:               added Prehistoric Rock Art gallery (New Kalabsha, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Sèvres Cité de la Céramique gallery (Sèvres) (France)

Museum Guide:          added Stonyhurst College (Clitheroe) (England) and Château-Musée de Nemours (Nemours) (France)


July 2016

Photogallery:               added Birth House of Ptolemy VIII gallery (Kom Ombo)

Photogallery:               added Museo Arqueológico Nacional gallery (Madrid) (Spain)

Museum Guide:          added Museu del Perfum (Escaldes – Engordany) (Andorra) and Musée Nationale d'Histoire et d'Art (Luxembourg City) (Luxembourg)


June 2016

Museum Guide:          added Museo Stibbert (Firenze) (Italy) and Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida (Lisbon) (Portugal)


May 2016

Photogallery:               added 18 Dynasty Satet Temple gallery (Elephantine, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Stela of Psamtik II gallery (New Kalabsha, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Kharga Oasis Museum gallery (Kharga Oasis) (Egypt)

Photogallery:               added Museo Cerralbo gallery (Madrid) (Spain)

Museum Guide:          added Bibelmuseum (Wuppertal) (Germany) and Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Militaire (Fontainebleau) (France)


April 2016

Photogallery:               added Ptolemaic Chapel gallery (New Kalabsha, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added QV 43 Sethherkhopsef gallery (Queen's Valley) (Thebes West-Bank)

Photogallery:               added Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando gallery (Madrid) (Spain)

Museum Guide:          added Lyman Allyn Art Museum (New London) (Connecticut, USA) and Hands on History Museum (Hull) (England)


March 2016

Photogallery:               added Second Roman Nilometer gallery (Kom Ombo)

Photogallery:               added Kalabsha Temple (outside view) gallery (New Kalabsha, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Museo Lazaro Galdiano gallery (Madrid) (Spain)

Museum Guide:          added Siegmund Freud Museum (Wien) (Austria) and Fricktaler Museum (Rheinfelden) (Switserland)


February 2016

Photogallery:               added Roman Nilometer gallery (Kom Ombo)

Photogallery:               added Courtyard back Kalabsha Temple gallery (New Kalabsha, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt gallery (Germany)

Museum Guide:          added Musée d'Histoire Locale (Rueil-Malmaison) (France) and Agnes Etherington Art Centre (Kingston) (Canada)


January 2016

Photogallery:               added Isis Temple Philae gallery (Philae, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Nilometer Kalabsha Temple gallery (New Kalabsha, Aswan)

Photogallery:               added Musée d'Histoire Naturelle de Lille gallery (Lille) (France)

Museum Guide:          added UCL Ethnography Collections (London) (England) and Deutsches Textilmuseum (Krefeld) (Germany)





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