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March 2018

Photogallery:               replaced the old Museo Gregoriano Egizio gallery by a new one (Vatican - Rome) (Italy)

Photogallery:               added Goethe-Nationalmuseum mit Goethe Wohnhaus gallery (Weimar) (Germany)

Museum Guide:          added Musée d'Allard (Montbrison) (France) and Titanic-Branson Museum (Branson) (Missouri, USA)


February 2018

Photogallery:               added a new photogallery of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Cambridge) (England)

Photogallery:               added Debod Temple gallery (Madrid, Spain) (Egyptian Monuments around the World)

Photogallery:               added Musée Flaubert et d'Histoire de la Médecine gallery (Rouen) (France)

Photogallery:               added Musée Municipal des Beaux-Arts et d'Histoire Naturelle gallery (Châteaudun) (France)

Museum Guide:          added Museo Civico di Palazzo Traversa (Bra) (Italy) and York Castle Museum (York) (England)


January 2018

Museum Guide:          added Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów (Warsaw) (Poland) and Glasmuseum Wertheim (Wertheim) (Germany)










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